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i-tec USB-C HUB 3 Port + Power Delivery

i-tec USB-C Adapter

i-tec USB-C Display Port Adapter

i-tec USB-C Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

i-tec USB-C Mini Docking Station

i-tec USB-C Slim Passive HUB 4 Port

i-tec USB-C HDMI Adapter

i-tec USB-C HDMI and USB Adapter + Power Delivery

i-tec USB-C VGA Adapter


USB is the most common technology for connection of computer peripheries. Several years ago, version 3.0 offered a higher transfer speed of 5 Gbps; however, the real evolution comes only now with the new USB-C interface. Finally, we have a connector that can be rightly called universal.



First of all, USB-C is a bidirectional connector which like the eight-pin Apple Lightning connector does not depend on the rotation of the cable. It has a total of 24 pins, which is by 15 pins more than USB 3.0, by which its potentials reach far beyond data transmission. It allows transmission of current up to 5 A with voltage of 5, 12 or 20 V with the maximum output of 100 W, which is more than sufficient for notebook power supplies.
But the alternative modes of connection represent even more interesting possibility of application. USB-C uses four pairs of lines and each of them can transmit a different signal type. So, besides fast data transmission (5-10 Gbps), in the alternative mode it can transmit for example Display Port signal, i.e. images and audio.
Another advantage of the USB-C connector is in the small dimensions against the existing USB (8.4 mm × 2.6 mm), thanks to wich the connector will find its way not only to ultrabooks, but also to mobile devices, tablets, and smart phones where it could replace the micro-USB connector.

The first devices where you can see the USB-C connector are represented by Nokia N1 tablet, the new MacBook or the innovated Chromebook Pixel.

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