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i-tec Bluetooth Handsfree DUO


i-tec DUO is provided by digital technology for wireless communication. Headset includes DSP processor unit (Digital Signal Processor) eliminating noise interference, improves signal receiving and guarantees excellent sound quality. i-tec DUO is portable, very compact, fully wireless device with possibility of communication with 2 different mobile phones together, which are provided with Bluetooth profile Headset or Handsfree.

In case of some problems with installation, technical difficulties or faulty fuctionallity of device find possible solution in FAQ bookmark first.

- Standard: Bluetooth v2.1+ EDR (BlueCore 5 chip)
- Frequences: 2,4-2,480 GHz (ISM range)
- Max. operating range: up to 10 meters / Bluetooth Class II
- Supported profiles: Handsfree and Headset profile 1.5
- Operating (call) time: 4–5 hours
- Emergency time: up to 120 hours / 5 days
- Charging time through USB cable: cca 2-3 hours (first charging 3 hours)
- Battery: Lithium 3,7V / 60mAh
- Microphone: with rustle and echo muting function
- Weight: 7,5 g
- Dimensions: 45 x 18 x 9 mm
- Other specifications:

  • full duplex device
  • compatible with all current cellphones with bluetooth profile Headset or HandsFree
  • integrated „smart“ DSP processor unit (Digital Signal Processor), eliminating noise interference and echo
  • supports voice dialing (cellphone has to support it too)
  • supports redialing
  • possibility of pairing with more cellphones (up to 8 cellphones, but with 2 last works only)
  • one button for receiving and ending of call
  • button for decline of call
  • volume regulation

Package contents

- Bluetooth® i-tec DUO
- Earhook
- Charging cable (USB A-USB Mini)
- Reproductor covers
- User´s guide


Question: I can't pair, what is problem?
Answer: Charge Handsfree/Headset, cancel all pairings from mobile phone and start new pairing by manual.

Question: How can I restore to default setting (cancel all pairings)?
1.Ensure the car kit is in Standby mode
2.Press and hold both"V+"and"V-" buttons for 10 seconds until the LED indicator flash blue and red 5 times, then the speakerphone will resume standby mode.and now the speaker is back to original setting.  

Notes: If the speakerphone is connected with a mobile phone before restore to default setting, it will enter pairing mode automatically after restored to default. If the speakerphone is not connected with a moblie phone before restore to default setting, it will be under standby mode after restored to default setting.


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