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i-tec Universal Travel Adapter Advance 100-240 V AC 6 A in more than 150 countries around the world (Europe / UK / USA / China / Japan / Australia, ..


ADVANCE Series is the highest line of computer accessories, which allow you to use top technologies of products in modern design and exclusive package.

This universal adaptor is a compact one piece unit with 4 different international plugs with universal AC outlet, providing you a simple and safe way to connect your portable appliances to the electrical outlets in more than 150 countries.

The universal adapter is not intended for usage with 4,8 mm diameter plug. This adaptor with its construction only enables connection of devices in many countries. This unit does NOT convert voltage!

There is short list of countries, according to it you can make sure in using of plug, if you are not sure by description on the adapter:
EUROPE – most of Europe
AUST/CHINA – Australia, New Zealand, China, Argentina
USA – USA, Venezuela, Brasil, Japan
U.K. – Great Britain, India, Saudi Arabia

In case of any problems with installation, technical difficulties or faulty fuctionallity of device find possible solution in FAQ bookmark first.

  • Product size 60 x 60 x 70 mm
  • Product weight 98 g
  • Package size 185 x 121 x 77 mm
  • Package weight 132 g

Package content
  • i-tec Universal Travel Adapter Advance 100-240 V AC 6 A
  • User´s Guide


Question: Adaptor stopped work?
Answer: It can be caused by defected (burned) fuse. You can change it by next steps as are follows There is little cup at the bottom of adapter (in the middle) and you have to opet it by slightly turning. There is the fuse. Check it and if it is burned, change it for new one, same type.

Question: It is unable to push out plug, I need?
Answer: Make sure, that you have all other plugs definitely pushed in. If not, push all of them in, until you hear click.


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