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i-tec BATA088 super quick charger + 4pc AA 2500mAh


Automatic Pulse Charger of Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries with a microprocessor. The microprocessor monitors the voltage level during the charging process. Once the quick charging is finished, charger automatically switches to pulse maintenance charging. The charger also detects defective or damaged battery.

The package includes 4pcs 2500mAh AA batteries.

In case of some problems with installation, technical difficulties or faulty fuctionallity of device find possible solution in FAQ bookmark first.

  • The charger can charge 1-4pcs AA/AAA Ni-MH/Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries
  • Power:
    • Input: 100 V – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz 10W or 12-14 V DC, 1.0A
    • Output: 1,2V -- 1-2pcs / 1000mA, 3-4pcs / 500mA
  • Advanced IC controls the charging process
  • Auto-off provide a full charge without risk of overcharging
  • Over-current protection. The constact current charging mode avoids the influence of current fluctuation to batterry´s performance, safety guaranteed
  • Over-heat protection. The charger will automatically stop working if the temperature of the charger or batteries are too high
  • The timer controls the maximum charging time strictly
  • Detection of non-rechargeable batteries, short-circuited batteries or defective batteries, which the charger will not charge
  • Automatic alarm function. The indicators flash in red and green alternatively if there´s any problem
  • The double color indicators accurately display the charging process:
    • RED LED on: charging
    • GREEN LED on: fully charged and on trickle charging
  • Charging time for 2000mAh batteries is cca 2,5h
  • Package includes 4pcs AA 2500mAh
  • Weight: 110 g
  • Dimension: 6,5 x 10,5 x 3 cm

Package Content
  • charger BATA088
  • 4pcs AA 2500mAh batteries
  • user's guide

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