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i-tec Power Inverter Advance 200 W 12/24 V 1x USB port AC output voltage 230 VAC with a frequency of 50 Hz with output power up to do 200 W


The ADVANCE Series is the highest level of i-tec accessories bringing you the cutting edge technologies of products with a modern design and exclusive packaging.

Power Inverter 200 W (Further inverter) transforms input DC voltage 12 V/24 V to output AC 230 V / 50 Hz with power up to 200 W. This input voltage is recognized by the inverter automatically, it is not necessary to set whether you connect to the socket 12 V or 24 V. It is suitable to power your home appliance in your car, truck, caravan or boat or whenever electric network is not available. The inverter can be used to power such things as TV, video recorders, cell phone chargers, tablet/ notebook chargers, fluorescent lamps and soldering irons and other similar devices.

In case of problems with the installation, technical difficulties or incorrect function of the equipment, check first for the possible solution in the FAQ tab.

  • Output plug 1 - type Euro 16 A, 230 V
  • Output voltage 230 Vrms ± 20 V
  • Output frequency 50 Hz ± 2,5 Hz
  • Output wave form - modified sinus current
  • Continuous power 200 W
  • Peak power 300 W
  • DC Input voltage 10-15 V / 20-25 DC
  • Input No Load Current 0,2 A
  • Efficiency (typical) >85%
  • Under voltage protection 10,5 V / 21 V
  • Over voltage protection 16,5 V / 26,5 V
  • Over temperature protection - automatically above +65˚C±5˚C
  • Over load protection - automatically above 300 W
  • Internal fuse 25 A
  • Product size 140 x 78 x 58 mm
  • Product weight 482 g
  • Package size 180 x 122 x 68 mm
  • Package weight 600 g

Package Content
  • Power Inverter + cable (50 cm)
  • Spare safety-fuse
  • User's guide

User's Guide

Question: LED not light, where is the problem?
Answer: Be sure that the adapter is correctly inserted to the car socket. Make sure the car socket is functional.


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