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i-tec Technologies s.r.o. issues a Claim Handling Procedure for the commercial relationships between i-tec Technologies s.r.o. and traders and final users with the effective date as of November 1, 2010. All goods sold by us are subject to warranty as follows:
  • Pretec memory cards – lifelong warranty (does not apply to mechanical damages). Definition of the lifelong warranty - lifelong warranty means moral obsolence of the goods. In case of end of sale of the memory card with the given capacity by the final seller and at the same time by the exclusive importer (i-tec Technologies s.r.o.) the memory card is not covered by lifelong warranty anymore and the claim in this case will not be accepted.
    Caution! Even in these cases the warranty period is at least 2 years.
  • Other products – 2-year warranty period


Warranty expires in the following instances:
  • mechanical damage, unprofessional installation or handling
  • when the damage is caused by computer viruses
  • by using the goods in the conditions whose parameters are not in accordance with the parameters specified in the documentation
  • when the damage is caused by natural disasters
  • when the damage is caused by connecting the goods to the mains non-complying with the corresponding ČSN

Caution! In case the products subject to a claim are used for data storage we do not assume any responsibility for the data stored on these products. We recommend making backup copies of important data on other devices (such as optic drives or hard drives).

A claim shall be raised with the vendor from whom the goods were purchased. If this is not possible, the claim can be sent to the address: i-tec Technologies s.r.o., Teslova 2, 702 00 Ostrava. For handling of the claim, i-tec Technologies s.r.o. requires enclosing of this form and a copy of the purchasing document, otherwise the claim will not be accepted.

Wear and tear of the product and its parts caused by its normal use (e.g., reducing the capacity of the accumulators, wear of the headphone ear pads, mechanical parts, displaying devices, etc.) is not covered by the warranty and is not considered as a default against the purchase contract as per the Civil Code.

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