I-TEC - everything you may need for your computer

I-TEC - complete portfolio of accessories for laptops and desktops - external enclosures, video and audio adapters, card readers, power supply adapters etc.

A claim shall be raised with the vendor from whom the goods were purchased. If this is not possible, the claim can be raised with i-tec Technologies s.r.o.. For this reason it is necessary to:
  • fill in the Claim Handling Form that you can find on this page below
  • carefully package the product subject to the claim in order to avoid further damage during transport
  • send it together with the printed form and a copy of the purchasing document to the following address:
    i-tec Technologies s.r.o. – Technical Support, Teslova 2, 702 00 Ostrava, Czech Republic

Contact persons:

David Rechtoris
technical support / claims
Tel.: +420 596 637 126
GSM: +420 737 245 833

Ing. Petr Vidlička
technical support / hot-line (WLAN, modems, PDA)
Tel.: +420 596 637 126
GSM: +420 603 519 533

Jaroslav Čaněk
technical support





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